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The experience that started it all - the original KettlePop Kettle Corn was first made and offered fresh at local Farmer’s Markets. Made with all-natural ingredients and cooked live over a special fire-burning kettle- it sparked a great deal of interest among vistitors.  It’s hard to miss the big kettle and the popcorn popping and fresh ingredients being added to create the trademark KettlePop.  Visitors watch up close the hard work and dedication needed to make great tasting KettlePop kettle corn.
What started as a passion in cooking quickly became an obsession by some of our guests.KettlePop Kettle Corn quickly expanded to other farmer’s markets and continues to be added to new locations.  Be sure to check-out your local market and look for KettlePop.

If you want us at your local market, be sure to contact us.  We also offer a variety of Kettle Corn flavors in our online store.  Try some today!



Our KettlePop Mobile Kitchen along with our team of “Population Pleasers™” put miles on the roads of America bringing smiles to kids, students, parents and athletes.  It’s an experience seeing KettlePop being made.  Our kitchen on wheels quickly and cleanly sets-up and is ready to prepare large volumes of our signature flavors in minutes.  This custom built kitchen is top of the line and centers around our specialized and custom made kettle.  If you see our Team and KettlePop Mobile Kitchen & Event Truck on the road, be sure to wave! We’ll pop our head out the window and “hi” back.  One of our customers spotted us and posted the photo (right).

If you would like to have KettlePop’s Mobile Kitchen at your next event, contact us today!



We also can setup our kettles under an outdoor canopy for your next event.  Our self-contained outdoor area allows guests to see Original KettlePop being made.  We are able to setup quickly and begin serving KettlePop to guests.  It’s entertaining, educational and a tasty experience for all.  Contact our events team to schedule KettlePop Pop-Up for your event.